Sexual emoticon combinations


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While the popularity of the eggplant over the banana as a stand-in for the phallus has been well documented , the emoji options for vaginal representation are vaster and much more creatively thrilling. So why am I asking for Full Access when all I need is a simple pasteboard access?

Sexual emoticon combinations

These emojis go into way too much detail a little too quickly. But perhaps the most exciting graphics are the more conceptual ones.

Sexual emoticon combinations

Sexual emoticon combinations

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  1. If I had a choice, believe me I wouldn't have asked for nothing. It seems like there are a lot of different emojis that secretly imply having sensual intimacy with someone.

  2. It seems like there are a lot of different emojis that secretly imply having sensual intimacy with someone. There are hundreds of other keyboards, and they all suffer from bad reviews by users who think their privacy is at risk.

  3. Sending a dick pic or a topless photo can be thrilling, but the practice brings with it a certain level of risk:

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