Sexiest boxer briefs


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You can confidently drop trou because we put your underwear questions to the ladies to get some honest answers. But a pair of really tight briefs might end up cutting into your love handles — losing their shape and form. Your choice can improve your self-confidence, your performance at work…and it'll make your partner even more attracted to you!

Sexiest boxer briefs

Representing the east coast, celebrity stylist Nic Screws knows a thing a two about fashion and has actually seen Tom Brady, Ryan Gosling and Dwayne Wade in their underwear. But if you sweat a lot and you don't want to bother the other gym-goers with sweat coming from your crotch…consider boxer briefs for your size instead of boxers. Breathable cotton fabrics work best.

Sexiest boxer briefs

Sexiest boxer briefs

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  1. And what if you hear your wife say you're acting as if you have a beach body?

  2. There is a right pair, depending on your level of fitness, from everyone from Hanes to Adidas. Are your whites white and your colors bright?

  3. Do women judge a guy by the name on his waistband? Which are the sexiest?

  4. If the opportunity presents itself, are you really ready to go pantless?

  5. When it comes to your underwear, these tips might be obvious but they are definitely worth repeating. Have more than one style in the rotation.

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