Sex in the hottub


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So all of that bacteria from all of these different sources is still hanging around in that water. Regardless of the surroundings, hot tub sex is … well … pretty damn hot. Hell, don't even masturbate with a jet stick to the shower head.

Sex in the hottub

It feels so good in here! This leads to catastrophic infections in your ladybits, which then can cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Sex in the hottub

Sex in the hottub

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  1. Just, don't have sex in a hot tub.

  2. This doesn't even account for all the germs you already carry on your bodies.

  3. If anything, being able face him while sitting on his lap was the most natural way to be.

  4. Vaginal and other infections and illnesses are so unsexy. Having sex in a hot tub, ocean, etc.

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