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Understand that they themselves are made by two grown-up people, one woman, a mum, and one man, a dad. Year 6 - Lesson 5 - Menstruation - by the end of the lesson the children will understand the female monthly cycle and about how the body changes during puberty.

Sex in kettering

Year 5 - Lesson 1 - Puberty - by the end of the lesson the children will know the main changes for boys and girls associated with puberty and understand these are changes that they have no control over. The following week six stores will open, then 10 a week until the target is hit.

Sex in kettering

Sex in kettering

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  1. Year 6 - Lesson 1 - Personal hygiene - by the end of the lesson the children will understand that bacteria and viruses can affect health and that following simple, safe routines can reduce their spread.

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