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We need a zero tolerance for harassment and greater transparency over terms and conditions for staff. Demonstrators booed as stories of bad executive behavior were told over the megaphone, and cries went up of:

Sex goole

That's a domain where having expert sources that people can access in private would be really good. Any recorded content uploaded from your Consentsy account is securely stored and cannot be accessed after recording. Siri had trouble interpreting the Kiwi accent, and repeatedly thought researchers were asking about "six", rather than "sex".

Sex goole

Sex goole

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  1. A laptop-based Google search performed much better than the two digital assistants, providing best or equal-best answers 72 per cent of the time, with Google Assistant second, and Siri being the worst for giving responses to sexual health questions.

  2. When asked to show videos of how people have sex, it said it couldn't find any.

  3. Demonstrators booed as stories of bad executive behavior were told over the megaphone, and cries went up of:

  4. Their verbal statement will be verified to provide some assurance that they are consciously consenting. While recording, the consenter will be asked to read a generic consent statement providing consent to sexual intercourse.

  5. Once the account has been created and you are logged in, Consent app will need access to your Camera and Microphone.

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