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She holds a Ph. Tait is a native of Colorado, who refined his Spanish speaking skills while working in a Guatemalan orphanage before moving to Omaha in


She is portrayed mostly as a quadruped, but can be seen as a bipedal creature as well. The ceremony is open to the public and begins at 3:



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  1. She holds a Ph. Ayla A female fursuit character in the making as of October

  2. Her career is a professional cook, with hobbies that include video gaming, hiking, and playing musical instruments. She is regarded as the exact portrayal of her creator in digital and fantasy terms.

  3. She joins a small but growing group of certified court interpreters for languages which include Spanish, Russian, American-Sign, Mandarin-Chinese, and Somali. Finding furry[ edit ] During the earlier years, Sevet had found an interest with roleplaying at the age of 10, which involved anthropomorphic , fantasy, and mostly wolven characters.

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