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There was always this schedule problem, they were on tour, or we were on tour, it was difficult, but finally it worked out. And Glen liked the idea, which was awesome. The last rehearsals turned out fantastic.


It shows how good artists can get when they feel threatened, or know their time is up! When listening to songs like these I hear an entire orchestra in my mind.



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  1. Keep an eye on out for a "studio trailer" as well as lyrical and artistic concepts in the next update.

  2. It just was time to return to our roots and celebrate and glorify Death musick. Is this the path Belphegor will continue to take?

  3. We practiced day and night to get every level to the highest peak" With Deicide we did two big tours, one in the US one we conquered and devastated Europe.

  4. I always had in the back of my mind,and feared after my life threatening health issues, it could be the last Belphegor album. You also hear a lot of tri-tones, dis-harmonic tones that were forbidden in middle ages by the church- they really feared those tones.

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