Seminole indian women


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The Seminoles also wore moccasins on their feet. They are then, one or more of them successively, wrapped tightly around the head, the top of the head remaining bare; the last end of the last shawl is tucked skillfully and firmly away, without the use of pins, somewhere in the many folds of the turban.

Seminole indian women

They have a tradition of extended patriarchal families in close communities. It also appears that Seminole clothing patterns from this period continued to be in vogue until the early years of this century. Early designs were blocks or bars of alternating color or often a sawtooth design.

Seminole indian women

Seminole indian women

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  1. Here is a link to the Seminole Tribe of Florida , where you can learn about the Seminole people past and present.

  2. Some put up with the pain, for the sake of fashion.

  3. The Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA hoped that the cattle raising would teach Seminoles to become citizens by adapting to agricultural settlements. The conservatism of the Seminole Indian is shown in nothing more clearly than in the use, by the women, of this much abbreviated covering for the upper part of their bodies.

  4. What does it mean?

  5. What is it like now? Seminole Women had their own income and were independent in their wealth long before non-Indian women were allowed to manage their own affairs.

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