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Therefore, our ancestors would have deployed this tactic for enticing a suitable mate , which remains in our psychology. This is primarily based on desire , normally physical, as well as attraction towards them. This is because males often provide increased protection against other males exploitation or from non-humans for the females they mate with and their offspring.


Eve herself was verbally seduced by the serpent, believed in Christianity to be Satan ; later, Chapter 7 of Proverbs warns of the pitfalls of seduction. If narrow, then question 4 applies. The purpose of this communication is to reduce the interpersonal distance between the desired individuals.



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  1. Therefore, our ancestors would have deployed this tactic for enticing a suitable mate , which remains in our psychology.

  2. Males declare that they adopt the strategy of seduction statistically more frequently than females. Although there are cross cultural differences in whether eye contact is used or not, in Western cultures, the duration of eye contact and the exchange between two individuals is important in the first stages of the biosocial model.

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