Scorpio woman in love with aquarius man


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I thought that love is love and if it happens it happens, i mean, we talk bet little, meet only by chance now and then but I'm very much in love with her. When not in a leadership role, they can struggle as their stubbornness leads them to do things their way or not at all.

Scorpio woman in love with aquarius man

Although they can seem grounded when compared to Aquarius, Scorpios regardless of whether they flat out say it or not are looking for a supernatural connection as well. Confrontation and laziness are not in their nature, but boring and uninspiring work can lead to some slacking off. Scorp8 I love that you're in love with a Scorp woman!

Scorpio woman in love with aquarius man

Scorpio woman in love with aquarius man

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  1. Aquarius is primarily curious.

  2. He is an Aqua sun with a Scorp moon and Scorp rising, so being a Scorpio sun and moon, I can sometimes connect to his unspoken feelings.

  3. This Scorpio finds the Aqua man very intriguing and fascinating indeed.

  4. To Scorpio woman above Hi there, I'm Glad you like what I wrote, but the fact is she the Scorpio female in in love with inspired those words.

  5. Here it's put in front of me and then taken away.

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