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This estimate may be low, as deaths among the many impoverished rural African-Americans living on Georgia's barrier islands may not have been reported. It was the first time I ever heard the city used as a girls' name but I decided that if I ever had a daughter, I would name her Savannah.

Savannah nicknames

My mom named me after Savannah, Georgia because she thought it was beautiful. I live in Florida, and i think it's a pretty common name more so in the south than anywhere else. I middle name is Marie, no meaning behind it.

Savannah nicknames

Savannah nicknames

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  1. My daughter's name is Savannah Zoe.

  2. My middle name is lynn, and my nick name is savy or sav, sometimes savalina or savyloo. She's only 19 months but she seems to really like her name.

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