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After all, you should never feel discouraged from ordering more vino. KEE-ahn-tee Chianti is a red wine that gets its name from the Chianti region where it's produced, located in central Tuscany, Italy.

Sauvignon pronounce

It's a dry, light-bodied wine that pairs well with fish and vegetables. We've broken down the proper pronunciations of 11 popular wines in an easy-to-read list, complete with audible guides so you can listen for yourself.

Sauvignon pronounce

Sauvignon pronounce

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  1. You might also see it written as extra brut or brut natural , which specifies that little to no sugar has been added.

  2. Then secretly pat yourself on the back for nailing this one.

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  4. Rioja This one might seem simple, but let's do a group check and make sure we're all saying Rioja correctly: Is it SO-vig-non blanc or Saw-vig-non blanc?

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