Sagittarius turn offs


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Even if they smile and nod politely, they're inwardly itching to get away from you and talk to someone who has more interesting things to say instead. You can't go wrong if you bring up how well-traveled you are or talk about all the places you'd like to visit before you die. Sagittarius appreciates directness and honesty but is careful and slow to commit.

Sagittarius turn offs

They Despise overly-needy, controlling, emotional types Via Pinterest An Aries man likes to be in control at all times so it is no wonder that he hates it when someone else tries to control him. Never behave jealously - Sag's partner should never demand to know where he has been.

Sagittarius turn offs

Sagittarius turn offs

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  1. Considering the fact that a Cancer is the most sensitive sign of the zodiacs-- therefore, playing mind games with a Cancer will only turn them off.

  2. This majestic Leo will completely lose interest if the woman on his side does not want him too much!

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