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This allows the access point to get up to wireless users while still maintain reliable connections, even in noisy RF environment. This bill ensures the fairness of project deadlines, enhances transparency, and creates foreclosure protections for Superstorm Sandy victims.


So long as the homeowner is first offered sufficient notice, a forbearance may be terminated upon a court determination that the homeowner has abandoned the property. This bill ensures the fairness of project deadlines, enhances transparency, and creates foreclosure protections for Superstorm Sandy victims.



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  1. Finally, in order to address the economic crisis that many families continue to experience as a result of Superstorm Sandy, this bill offers temporary protections against foreclosure to certain Sandy victims. The appeals process shall be open to any applicant to the RREM program who submitted an initial application by the deadline of August 1, , regardless of the reason the applicant had been denied or removed from the application process.

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