S10 8 5 rear end


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Finding spline axles is easy, you just have to take some measurements and order them. Next the contact pattern must be checked, which is done with colored grease included as part of the new gear install kit.

S10 8 5 rear end

The pinion diameter is 1. When these break, the entire axle and wheel assembly falls out.

S10 8 5 rear end

S10 8 5 rear end

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  1. Between the pinion bearing and the housing is the crush sleeve.

  2. A dial indicator with a magnetic base is used to set the backlash on the gears. Most rear ends use these to hold the axles in place.

  3. The TrueTrac comes in both and spline versions and we chose the spline.

  4. The axle shafts are also held in place by four-bolt retainer plates at the outer bearing, not C-clips. The rear end is full of it.

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