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In Norm's self-imposed abandonment and Deirdre's own dealings with her unstable mental state, Augusten reluctantly finds in the Finches a surrogate family, far from the "normal" family within which he dreams for himself. As a child, Augusten loved and wanted to be like his theatrical acting mother, who aspires to be a famous writer, with her person being more renowned than her writing. It's a twisted, sometimes hilarious but mostly heartbreaking tale, based on true events, and it is, in my opinion, a beautiful film.

Running with scissors netflix

Augusten's now divorced parents had a turbulent relationship, his alcoholic father, Norman Burroughs, who is now largely out of his life by Norm's own choice. Annette Bening, in my humble opinion, was robbed of an Oscar nomination.

Running with scissors netflix

Running with scissors netflix

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