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Aftermath employees have cleaned up the scenes of some high-profile crimes, including the Naperville house where Marilyn Lemak killed her three children in their beds and wounded herself before she called for help, and the home in Gurnee where in a man shot and killed his wife, his two young children, and himself with a gauge shotgun. The daughter had sealed the door to the room with the body in it with duct tape and had placed some air fresheners around the house, but Wilson says that when Aftermath workers arrived they could smell death outside the building. After a two-hour standoff with police, he shot and killed himself.

Rug medic naperville

IEPA also considers used syringes and other potentially contaminated home-health products medical waste if they're removed by a commercial cleaning service but not if they're tossed out by the person who used them. It can come and go at any time.

Rug medic naperville

Rug medic naperville

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