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I highly recommend this. During the 90s, Anaya found an even wider audience as mainstream publishing house Warner books signed him on for a six-book deal beginning with his novel Alburquerque, and including subsequent novels Zia Summer, Rio Grande Fall, Jalamanta:

Rudolph anaya

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Rudolph anaya

Rudolph anaya

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  3. His experiences in China are chronicled in his travel journal, A Chicano in China, published in Rather than condemning or shunning innovation … he advocates a measured application of modernization, [insisting that] 'Technology may serve people, but it need not be the new god.

  4. His mother, Rafaelita Mares , was from a deeply settled, Catholic farming community called Puerto de Luna, while his father, Martin Anaya, was raised by nomadic herders on the New Mexican llano or eastern plains country.

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