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However sometimes it might also cause some severe side effects like allergic reactions, blood in urine , chest pain , severe back pain , symptoms of liver problems like yellowing of skin or eyes etc. It is harmful to use Rosuvas 10 MG Tablet if you are suffering from any liver disease.


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  1. Also pregnant woman or someone planning to get pregnant should not take this drug.

  2. The choice of your start dose will depend upon:

  3. Use of Rosuvas 10 MG Tablet must be as per directed by the doctor. Whether you have a factor that may make you more sensitive to possible side effects.

  4. Generalized anxiety disorder Rosuvas 10 MG Tablet is used in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder which is an illness characterized by excessive worry or tension that disturbs daily life.

  5. You have been prescribed Rosuva because you have a high cholesterol level.

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