Romantic restaurants pittsburgh


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Guests looking for a romantic morning-after meal may also enjoy mimosas over the Grand Concourse's weekly Sunday brunch. The locks on the Schenley Park bridge.

Romantic restaurants pittsburgh

Grab your honey and create your own Whiskey Rebellion. The city's most charming locales are home to restaurants where couples may enjoy not only the views and the food, but each other's company, too. Patrons may enjoy original cocktails like the house-made sangrias or even a bottle of Japanese Sake.

Romantic restaurants pittsburgh

Romantic restaurants pittsburgh

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  1. The Grand Concourse A former railway complex, Pittsburgh's Station Square is now a destination for shoppers, tourists and diners.

  2. This restaurant occupies the former Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad station, and still houses many of building's art deco features.

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