Roman spoons


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It includes broader terms such as 'wood' or 'stone', as well as more specific terms such as 'oak', 'apple wood', 'granite' or 'marble'. In some cases, these are place terms in their own right linked to their modern equivalents as Broad terms or Narrow terms, in other cases, they are recorded as non-preferred terms - they can be searched for but only found in relation to their modern equivalent.

Roman spoons

This thesaurus includes places over time, many of which no longer exist, or which have changed their names, or boundaries, so many archaic place names are also included. What you really want to use for forks is steel.

Roman spoons

Roman spoons

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  1. Terms for media, such as 'graphite' or 'pencil', 'watercolour' or 'chalk' can only be found through a basic search. In the time of the Roman Empire, steel was an expensive thing that you used for swords, or for small things like sewing needles.

  2. Named events or titles of works related to objects as subjects should be searched for in the basic search. This rate is determined by the timekeeping element the controlling device , usually a swinging pendulum or an oscillating balance.

  3. How did people eat in ancient Rome?

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