Robitussin dm for kennel cough


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Dog coughing due to tracheal collapse can be triggered by drinking water. The oil is a wonderful immune booster; when colds and viruses make their wintertime rounds, give yourself and your dogs foot rubs of Thieves diluted in almond oil to keep everyone sniffle-free.

Robitussin dm for kennel cough

Dog cough remedies like Robotussin are recommended for chronic, dry, unproductive coughing, and should not be used for moist or productive coughs. The Next Aromatherapy, Suzanne Catty writes that the hydrosol distilled flower water of lemon balm makes a good prophylactic in flu and allergy season and has both immune-stimulating and infection-fighting properties.

Robitussin dm for kennel cough

Robitussin dm for kennel cough

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