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College student Lewis Paul Walker is driving home for the summer break when he has to bail his brother, Fuller Steve Zahn , out of jail in Utah, and then carry on to Colorado to pick up childhood friend and fellow student Venna Leelee Sobieski. Almost Famous Destination:

Roadtrip movies

So, determined, he makes the journey on his extremely slow lawn tractor. A Kazakh celebrity Sacha Baron Cohen travels to the United States to make a documentary for the folks back home; soon after arriving, he becomes captivated by the sight of Pamela Anderson and heads across the country to make her his wife.

Roadtrip movies

Roadtrip movies

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  1. It Happened One Night Destination: This iconic counterculture film addresses social tension, the generational divide, and all things associated with the hippie lifestyle.

  2. We will finish it with Easy Rider, the best road movie of all time and a film unmistakably from But remarkably, the film is also vibrant and funny, populated with characters that jump off the screen.

  3. Richard Farnsworth stars as Alvin, an elderly man who lives with his daughter. The expected hijinks and humor that, as dumb and childish as it might be, is still funnier than it has any right to be.

  4. It Happened One Night Destination:

  5. Road trip movies also encompass a wide range of genres, from slapstick comedies to prestige dramas and everything in between.

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