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Samuel Smith had built one of the houses and Nathan Johnson the other, and landlord Wells was their successor. Elisha Briggs was the pioneer physician and lived north of the old Catskill turnpike, on lot Patterson's manuscripts and published records, and also acknowledges, as material and valuable assistants in the preparation of this chapter, the possessIon of the printed reminiscences of the late William F.

Richford new york

Cook, who continued the business a few years. He died April 18, The present writer acknowledges free access to Dr.

Richford new york

Richford new york

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  1. An Episcopal church and parish were organized in Richford in Rich at once established a glove and mitten factory, and although he was connected with it only a few years he by no means retired from busi ness.

  2. Nearly all that is known of the family was sought out by that patient and untiring student of history and, distinguished genealogist, the late Dr.

  3. Hanna, ; David Gibbs, ; Mr. Pumpelly built a mill north of the village, about

  4. Robinson says that Arnold made cut nails, in which industry he was a pioneer in the country. His children were, with the exception of the youngest, born of his first marriage, and were Lucy, Semantha, Jane Elizabeth, David Wesley, Charles Johnson, Ezekiel Hannum, Amanda, and one other, the eldest, who died at birth.

  5. Many great fishing sites are available in Richford. He was one of the pioneers, and built the first saw and grist mills in the town, the saw mill, probably, in , and the grist mill later on.

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