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For two or three years he was the best player in the world. And if they follow the right path and realize the true picture of Islam, perhaps the will accept Islam.

Ricardo kaka muslim

He promised to read more literature about the religion and culture of the Arabs. He finished the season with eight goals and 14 assists in all club competitions. There was a point when teams just had no idea how to stop him.

Ricardo kaka muslim

Ricardo kaka muslim

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  1. There was a point when teams just had no idea how to stop him. He attributes his recovery to God and has since tithed his income to his church.

  2. In Brazil, prayer leader of a Mosque while denying the news saying Kaka is a Muslim said that Kaka is still a Christian and he goes to Church but he likes to listen to the recitation of Holy Quran. Real Madrid were also knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona in the semi-finals of the competition.

  3. He scored three goals during the tournament.

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