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For the majority of states, the prime destinations were the supermarket, the gym, public transit and Walmart in 15 states, yikes. I stopped myself from crying, but not inside.

Ri missed connections

Wawa and, okay, Sheetz. And a lot them appear to be frequenting your local Wawa; buying sandwiches , filing up on gas , and hoping not to miss another opportunity. This is what happens when people take a chance on a Missed Connections.

Ri missed connections

Ri missed connections

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  1. I am reminded of that first dream of us, of giving you pills, a modern day Eve to your Adam. We spent hours together, and behind every furtive glance, and every sarcastic remark that passed between us, was the desire to let her see below the surface, just a little bit.

  2. Alternatively to all this, we could just start trying to make conversation with people in general in the hope that this will cut down on future missed connections and who knows, maybe others will pick up this novel idea.

  3. You had no way to comprehend what I was going through. She has blue eyes and is funny and caring and beautiful in every way anyone can be beautiful, including the best lasagna I ever ate.

  4. Yes, Missed Connections is an illustrated book by the lovely Sophie Blackall. You had no way to comprehend what I was going through.

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