Responding to text messages etiquette


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Even among married couples this is not a good idea as sometimes the relationship ends in divorce and now the ex has compromising photos. Transition to a phone call. And let them know when the situation is dealt with so they know that they now have your full attention.

Responding to text messages etiquette

If you are waiting to hear about something pressing, let your guest know so that when you check your phone regularly, you don't seem rude. Sandy accidently sent an intimate text message to the wrong person causing a series of awkward responses. In the same blog post, Adobe says consumers that respond to SMS offers with texted coupons redeemed them 10 times more often than traditional coupons.

Responding to text messages etiquette

Responding to text messages etiquette

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  3. See the entire infographic below: It can get awkward, fast.

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