Red dwarf infinity welcomes careful drivers


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However, while the idea of a science-fiction sitcom in space is always appealing, it is the characters that really attract my attention. I was always particularly interested in low budget science-fiction shows: So if you have a spare moment, please tell us your thoughts by writing a reader's review.

Red dwarf infinity welcomes careful drivers

Lister assures Rimmer that anyone could have made that mistake, then admits that the duplicate Rimmer has already been turned off having lied to hear the gazpacho story. Most of the solid planets and moons in the solar system have been colonised. Lastly as a minor negative, I will say that though most of the comedy in the book even Lister's slobbiness manages to keep out of the realm of toilet humour, there was one scene which described Listers drunken friend Petersen's spectacular fit of vomiting in detail which for some might be too disgusting to be funny.

Red dwarf infinity welcomes careful drivers

Red dwarf infinity welcomes careful drivers

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  1. This first half of the book also introduces the antagonism between Lister and his room mate, the obsessive Arnold J Rimmer. He tries everything to avoid it, but eventually he accepts his fate when the device fails and he has to fix it.

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