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Aside from maintaining constant engine temperatures as it passes through the cooling system, antifreeze prevents corrosion and lubricates engine components to ensure that everything moves and performs properly. Coolant flows through the engine to cool internal temperatures and works with the hoses.

Rad apache junction

Radiator hoses carry hot coolant away from the engine and into the radiator, a large tank with small channels where the coolant flows to dissipate heat. The purpose of any cooling system flush is to rid your vehicle of its old antifreeze. We are fully licensed and insured for your safety.

Rad apache junction

Rad apache junction

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  1. Driving your vehicle on old engine coolant is a leading cause of cooling system failure.

  2. A visual inspection of your hoses can help you determine the proper time to replace them. Our service staff can drain antifreeze from your radiator, flush out your cooling system, and add new antifreeze to your radiator.

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