Rabbitmq benchmark


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In general we've looked at scenarios where messages get consumed as quickly as they get produced, and thus each queue has an average length of 0. Quite a lot of the work done by RabbitMQ is per-message, not per-byte-of-message.

Rabbitmq benchmark

The maximum number of these unacknowledged messages per channel can be limited by setting the prefetch count. Of course to some extent this quest for large numbers is a bit silly, we're more interested in relative performance. We can see that of course the message rate drops further as the size increases, but the actual number of bytes sent increases as we have less and less routing overhead.

Rabbitmq benchmark

Rabbitmq benchmark

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  1. The second thing to notice is that when we have a small number of consumers, adding one more will increase performance we get more parallellism.

  2. Here are some simple scenarios.

  3. So for the headline consuming rate, we publish to a large number of consumers in parallel.

  4. Let's vary the number of producers with different message sizes.

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