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When your current clothes seem a bit out of style, we've got the hot styles to revamp your wardrobe with the latest trends and celebrity styles. Wake up at 5AM Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you get out of bed Make your bed immediately Do 20 pushups as soon as you get out of bed Eat a protein and fat rich breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up Run a mile every single morning Take your multivitamins everyday Do Blue Light Therapy to wake yourself up Take a bath in the morning Take a cold shower in the morning it sucks but you feel AWESOME after Write a blog post every single morning Write down 10 ideas Write words on any topic Keep a daily gratitude journal Plan your entire day in minute increments Lay out your clothes for the day Dress your absolute best for the day EVEN if you work from home Every morning, when you wake up, your morning ritual should be the first thing you do.


The structures of micro-clusters are found to be significantly distorted from the most symmetric arrangement, some even exhibiting pentagonal symmetry commonly found in icosahedric structures. Take a cold shower Plan my day ahead Your morning routine should evolve and change.



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  1. For example, if you skip day 4, you have to keep up your ritual for 31 days instead of

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