Qualities of an optometrist


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They can clearly explain problems and treatments in laymen's terms. I would think that someone who has both an outgoing personality and a desire to help with the medical treatment for the betterment of others are essential.

Qualities of an optometrist

A great optometrist stays up to date with scientific research and technological developments related to the eye care industry. What are your favorite aspects of your job?

Qualities of an optometrist

Qualities of an optometrist

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  1. We have alternating Saturday morning office hours. What classes did you take in college that are the most relevant to your job?

  2. What classes did you take in college that are the most relevant to your job? Practicing in an urban setting, my day begins at 8 a.

  3. They understand that their only allegiance is to the patient. A professional attitude A professional attitude from the start is essential.

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