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This fucking blows my mind. I honestly was not prepared but just wanted to get it done before the next day. So for me, I cherished each moment that we met a new Rockstar.

Project rockstar

The first of many meaningful discussions involved. I want to continue and accelerate the growth that I have been experiencing for the past two years. I guess for me.

Project rockstar

Project rockstar

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  1. I honestly was not prepared but just wanted to get it done before the next day. Normally people go right into judgment and kind of try to measure how the other person is with half baked assumptions and guesses.

  2. I had to take some quick videos to capture this amazing moment. So I guess the other moment that I was very excited for and did not disappoint was when everybody showed up at the house.

  3. Basically, I think this allowed all the Rockstars, at least for me, to ignore any false assumptions a person would typically make when they first meet someone and simply focus on the real person that came across from all those videos and blogs.

  4. Lastly we took care of some logistics last night in terms of chores, responsible and rules. There are 30 guys here that are either committed to growing or committed to giving.

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