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Course appointments missed or late cancelled, will automatically be deducted from course records. All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate Visiting the Salon Medical Conditions It is the Clients responsibility to inform us before every treatment, if they are pregnant, on medication or suffering any kind of illness, as we may advise you not to take the treatments booked.

Pretty woman oakwood

The benefit to our clients of our "Higher Tier" status, is that now receive all the promotions, limited edition products etc, that Stores receive. Click here for details Clarins Beauty Consultation Book in for a personal consultation and let us guide you through the Clarins product range to create your own personalised skin care programme.

Pretty woman oakwood

Pretty woman oakwood

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  1. Appointment Information To enable us to give the highest level of service to our Clients, please note the following: Arrival Time Being on time for your appointment is essential.

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