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The type of ICU to which the patient was admitted was noted. There were no differences in reasons for exclusions between groups with no acid suppression therapy administered in the ICU and expiration in the ICU being the most common. None, Conflict of Interest:

Ppi columbus grove ohio

Patients admitted to medical or surgical ICUs in January pregroup were compared to January postgroup. Continuous parametric data were analyzed using the Student's t-test whereas continuous nonparametric data were analyzed using Mann—Whitney U-test. Intensive care unit, pharmacist credentialing and privileging, stress ulcer prophylaxis How to cite this article:

Ppi columbus grove ohio

Ppi columbus grove ohio

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  1. The rate of inappropriate continuation of acid suppression therapy was not different between groups

  2. Dichotomous variables were analyzed using Fisher's exact method.

  3. Major risk factors for stress ulceration outlined in this protocol are coagulopathy and mechanical ventilation, which is consistent with current evidence.

  4. Continuation of acid suppressive therapy upon discharge from the ICU was also determined to be appropriate if the patient had presented on home acid suppressive therapy with a H2RA or PPI or was diagnosed with one of the following chronic conditions: Of the patients from this group that were randomly assessed for inclusion, 68 were excluded from the study [Figure 1].

  5. Major risk factors for stress ulceration outlined in this protocol are coagulopathy and mechanical ventilation, which is consistent with current evidence. The major reason for appropriate continuation of acid suppressive therapy was the presence of a chronic condition that provided a reasonable indication for therapy

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