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Lastly, we wanted a variation on the martini. Thanks for sending the samples, Kraft Food! After chugging down two cups of this Pomtini drink, you could sense it has a cocktail drink taste to it and at the same time the dryness aftertaste started to increase.


The color of the powder was almost pure white, but it changes to pink color as you pour cold water into it. Always check the ingredients first.



If you have countless previous Crystal Light Mocktail gives, then you might stop to pomtini try these two new matches if you had no mamba pomtini the time flavors. Route vodka, pomegranate juice, amount juice, community water, and a bit pomtini ice into your happening shaker. Pomtini

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  1. Also, it has a fake cocktail drink taste to it as well. We chose to just squeeze it right out of fresh orange.

  2. This is a gorgeous touch, but we know that depending on where you live, you may not have access to fresh pomegranate. Make this like you would a regular martini.

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