Planned parenthhood


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As a result, federal and state legislators have proposed legislation to reduce funding levels. Simpson , a former investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal.

Planned parenthhood

Planned Parenthood sued U. Officials in twelve states initiated investigations into claims made by the videos, but none found Planned Parenthood clinics to have sold tissue for profit as alleged by CMP and other anti-abortion groups.

Planned parenthhood

Planned parenthhood

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  1. Morrison stated that he believed Kline had politicized the Attorney General's office. Title X of that law provides funding for family planning services, including contraception and family planning information.

  2. Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting On November 27, , a gunman shot and killed two civilians and a police officer during a five-hour gun battle at the Colorado Springs, Colorado clinic. House failed to override President Obama's veto of H.

  3. On March 28, , Daleiden and Merritt were charged with 15 felonies in the State of California — one for each of the people whom they had filmed without consent , and one for criminal conspiracy to invade privacy. Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v.

  4. In all, the Planned Parenthood clinic had faced criminal charges from Kline and other Kansas prosecutors, all of which were ultimately dismissed. As a result, federal and state legislators have proposed legislation to reduce funding levels.

  5. The ultimate ruling was split, and Roe v.

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