Planet fitness hialeah reviews


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I had called them and explained that I had already canceled my account to which they said I never did. Maybe the people across the street be better at least more loyal.

Planet fitness hialeah reviews

Contacted the PF office and canceled. The person I spoke to saw that we had only gone to the gym 1 time out of the whole year but couldn't cancel my account or stop the account being charged. They are franchised and independently owned" This is honestly the worst company I have ever dealt with and it's sad because originally I thought it was great that they were a gym with an affordable membership.

Planet fitness hialeah reviews

Planet fitness hialeah reviews

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  1. I spoke to the person who was head of this portion in Michigan and she just basically was like "Well tough luck".

  2. Why try taking money out of an account 8 or 10 times with insufficient funds and not bother calling the person?

  3. Why try taking money out of an account 8 or 10 times with insufficient funds and not bother calling the person? This time being successful taking the money out I had demand to take it back but much like before they just shrugged their shoulders and said "Nothing we can do.

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