Pisces snake personality


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It combines many opposites, from which he himself suffers much. This is a weakness that these Piscean's cannot help and will usually carry throughout life.

Pisces snake personality

Snake-Pisces is a very demanding person: The woman Pisces-Snake is very attractive and feminine and let oneself willingly pamper. Modest and restrained, do not like to expose their feelings for show.

Pisces snake personality

Pisces snake personality

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  1. These are intelligent people who will often see and seize opportunities before anyone else. Ancient Chinese astrologers believed the influence of the Snake in a birth chart would liven up their perceptiveness.

  2. These Piscean's make very agreeable and considerate mates who tend to almost always put their partner's way before their friends.

  3. It is important that in his family there is coziness and peace, which he achieves. His family is very important.

  4. He communicates perfectly, but this is not an indicator that he trusts a person.

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