Pisces men faithful


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He is at his finest when he is performing a service. He is loyal beyond question, and unlikely to be able to sleep with someone he doesn't love.

Pisces men faithful

Pisces men often sense and feel things which other less sensitive folk miss, sometimes making them seem more than a little psychic and mysterious. If you have fundamental lifestyle differences, this is one zodiac sign that is also a "Stop" sign.

Pisces men faithful

Pisces men faithful

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  1. They often pick up on the subtle and unspoken, and are often skilled at subconsciously reading signals from others, such as body language. Like any current, this relaxed approach often belies a deeper underflow.

  2. The clues are more subtle than for most other signs, and your own intuition will determine how many you notice.

  3. You might think that he is out of touch with reality, but the Pisces man is simply feeling removed from our day-to-day reality.

  4. One of the most frustrating combinations for me as a practicing relationship astrologer is having two Pisces who both refuse to make the first move! Meanwhile, he taps deep into your unconscious and the non-verbal communication is well understood between you two.

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