Picnic date ideas


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You can schedule your NYC date for any time during the day or night, which gives you the option of going extra-romantic and meeting during sunset hours, or keeping it easy breezy during the day. Choose between our directory for information, or articles for ideas.

Picnic date ideas

We decided to let someone else take care of the main dish, but wanted something fast, inexpensive, and healthy. The same can be said for meat, with a red flag for cold cuts, pork and ground beef.

Picnic date ideas

Picnic date ideas

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  1. I think it's probably a combination of all that stuff. We had some great conversations as we watched the sun setting and we finished our meal.

  2. I scatter them in inexpensive vases or fun and funky household objects like some beautiful silver I picked up at thrift shops in Upstate New York and in Lucketts, VA, last summer.

  3. Avoid noise, things like waverunners are better from a distance. The basics for pruning, planting or cleaning

  4. We had some great conversations as we watched the sun setting and we finished our meal. Instead it's more of a relaxed, natural vibe as you sit there watching the world go by, talking about interests and the scenery, playing cards, or even just laying back to take in the sky.

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