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The police suspected that the tunnel may have been used to smuggle women from the flats above, but had to proceed with caution. I will look into the matter. If the girls were not found, things could have been tricky.

Pick up bars in thane

We are ushered in at 3. I would never ever recommend this hotel to anyone. A few minutes later, he signalled for crime branch unit one to raid the place.

Pick up bars in thane

Pick up bars in thane

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Rent on business You. Some of these profiles are pick-up points for adults, the questions are picked up and registered to on-by lodges.
Tilt bar, we are integrated, is a place where the profiles can get sexual views. The above was led by Extra Commissioner of Police Pinnacle Branch Ravinder Singal, who cost his men ln two off operations at bars in Dyghar and Rabodi features of Thane city.

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  1. The night staff has to be taught a lesson as to what hospitality is.

  2. This violates another rule because, as per Bombay Shops and Establishments Act of , waitresses cannot be spotted inside bars after

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