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Squarespace can also help you build very photography-focused websites. However, for the amount I'm paying and for how professional it's supposed to be, I'd expect at least hope for more flexibility and control. I find it great for showing my portfolio.

Photoshelter photographers

Accept orders in 23 different currencies. There are so many more functions that PhotoShelter delivers to you, but the idea is that all their features are specifically targeted at professional photographers, and helping them grow their e-commerce business, or just to reach more people. I would consider this a pretty well rounded support system, which is pretty much what I would expect from a premium photography website builder like PhotoShelter.

Photoshelter photographers

Photoshelter photographers

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  1. Search engine optimization Use our custom image tagging, editable page-level titles and metadata and automatic image-level sitemap generation to help your SEO results.

  2. And there was some odd programing on their end that made files display in a different hierarchy than my Mac does bad when delivering images in a specific sequence to a wedding client. The templates are great though, and they have been good to me, so I keep using it.

  3. This will end up saving you a lot of time so you can focus on other parts of your business like taking more pictures!!

  4. Photoshelter is very limited with the customization you can do, has far fewer design templates, and I'm unhappy with the end user's experience in viewing and the shopping cart. Actually, I'm currently building a new site using SmugMug.

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