People pleasers and relationships


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I kept reaching out, even when it scared me. Much of the time, people pleasers start off their lives being parent pleasers—attempting to manipulate an emotionally unavailable parent into providing nurturance.

People pleasers and relationships

When Watson agrees too much with Sherlock it can be annoying. The people pleaser continually gives and gives to the narcissistic partner, who rarely reciprocates.

People pleasers and relationships

People pleasers and relationships

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  1. So instead, I threw myself at the people who were inconsistent or withdrawn, because I found their distance to be safer, more believable, and in some ways, more fulfilling.

  2. Resentments that are piled up over time are dangerous to relationships as they wreck the trust one partner has in the other, often without the partner having a clue. Approach your relationships mindfully.

  3. What would be the opposite???

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