Pembroke pines ice skating arena


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Figure Skating Freestyle, group lessons, private lessons, top notch instructors, competitions, Pines Figure Skating Club, and more make the Figure Skating program at Pines Ice Arena unmatched in the region. We do not own skates so we must rent. We can accommodate small and large groups with skate rentals, food, party rooms and much more

Pembroke pines ice skating arena

She kind of smiled and said they are all like that and if you are serious about skating you need to get your own skates. From beginners to World Class Talent The employee was very nice and honest so it became clear that we had just wasted our time and money.

Pembroke pines ice skating arena

Pembroke pines ice skating arena

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Can't find what you're pembeoke for on this time, call us at and our after staff will be capable to help you. Summary these features for local lodging questions:.

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