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Matte black eye shadow over the top to set the gel liner Add new liner socket line Press and dab to blend — layering colors Liner under the eye Conceal up close to the eyes Face Contouring is vital to help create the women facial shape Use very dark contour colour to define the cheekbones, slim the nose, around the nostrils and down to the cupids bow and create lip shape. I feel that I could have contoured alot more to help add to the heavy makeup effect.


Drag King Same consideration applies when creating Drag Queen makeup, such as shaping the face with highlighting and contouring and the absence of facial hair. I feel thay the contouring is very heavy and looks obvious that these is makeup on the face, however overal I feel that I was able to recreate the face shape to resemble a mans.



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  1. Also as I did not the pale foundation was all over rather than to act as highlight. It's interesting to see how the makeup differs from one man to another, in order to help show their indentity of their female self.

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