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However it is ok in its own way I guess. Chatting without the software is good and still allows basic chat features but the software allows more functions and includes a kind of browser so you can go to lots of different sites and create private rooms helping create a mood or theme to your chatting. Most chats have functions that allow users to kill of the ghosts and or the ghost will automatically be exited if it doesn't respond in anyway after a period of time.

Parachat free chat

Bans may be temporary or full and permanent. However to put it bluntly the room seemed to loose a bit of its charm for a while putting it nicely. Certain chats have rules and or criteria for entry.

Parachat free chat

Parachat free chat

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You can also partner your own most feature room or more period paid for rooms to rent on your own web mail. There are profiles of chat places next ranging in topics of all places.

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  1. Anyway IRC is one of the largest collections of chat rooms and chatters around. Chat Stuff There are thousands of chat rooms around some better than others.

  2. Parachat You can chat in any one of four chat rooms at http:

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