Painful breakup


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Some of them are really good. You can always begin again.

Painful breakup

Stop reminiscing on the wonderful times that you and your ex had while you were together. Think about it — every time you have to throw away a great pair of old, worn-out shoes that felt more comfortable than any other shoes you have ever had, your next pair of shoes is often even more comfortable. They design their whole lives around it.

Painful breakup

Painful breakup

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  1. But I hope you get something out of this list or even become inspired to create your own. Both about you and about him.

  2. But it also opens the door to something so much better.

  3. Most people who lose a job eventually find a better one. And never let your ex partner decide this path for you.

  4. It is his choice. I needed someone to talk to and someone to check in with.

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