Overcoming perfectionism


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So, when all the factors are taken into consideration — time, stress, having a life, not making others fantasize about your demise — are your standards realistic? My perfectionistic thoughts get me wound up and serve no good purpose. Seeing imperfection all about and constantly crashing against the rocks of harsh reality isn't too great for self-esteem or relationships, it's clear.

Overcoming perfectionism

Take note of both. You live in the future, and the present is a high-stakes situation where every mistake has enormous ramifications later.

Overcoming perfectionism

Overcoming perfectionism

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  1. So, overcoming perfectionism may help not only your mental health, but also your very physical survival. Perfectionists also tend to procrastinate, because there's an understandable unwillingness to begin projects knowing you'll feel overwhelmingly pressured for them to be absolutely perfect.

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