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All three wines has similar crimson coloring, with a coral ring around them. This wine can stand up to strong foods and cut through them to either tame or marry.


Lunch ended up being an hour and a half. My pasta salciccia, which I've enjoyed very much in the past, also seemed quickly compiled, like the ingredients were thrown together in the bowl as opposed to being prepared. Food is still good, but choices seem more limited, and prices are up.



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  1. For our second wine, we chose Four Brix Cabernet Franc from Paso Robles, giving us grapes from a different region yet still California, and both regions are quite warm in the summer.

  2. Tired looking greens looking like they'd been hurriedly thrown on the plate. But on the nose and palate, all of these wines had their own unique individual characteristics.

  3. This wine is in very limited supply and only available to wine club members. I realize there are times you want to have a slow, lingering meal but even then people check on you.

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